AWS or Google Cloud. Which is The Best Cloud Computing Services To Choose in 2022

AWS vs Google Cloud. Which Cloud Service Provider to Choose?

The top cloud computing providers that come to our mind when we look for any service providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Google Cloud Platform. It's 2022 and cloud providers are not limited, there are many more services in the market. But due to their relentless trustworthy services these two cloud giants are the best among the market and are able to hold their positions for a long time.

It is seen that no companies look for any other providers other than this. As both the cloud providers are the best service providers in their respective industries as they constantly evolve according to the requirement of their customers. As both these platforms provide the best service the choice should solely depend on the requirement of the company.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is launched and developed by Amazon.com. It provides services in several areas which includes storage, computation, delivery and some other features which are best suited for any company to grow and expand. These services save companies from downloading any other applications.


  • The first feature we will talk about is its pricing, AWS charges customers per hour even if you use it for just one minute. But it is cost effective as it allows you to pay for only the service you use.

  • To use their service you have to sign up for an AWS account and then you are allowed for cloud access where they offer you limitless storage. The highest size it can provide is about 16TB.

  • The resource management interfaces provided by AWS are Amazon CLI and GCP. It even enables you to deploy your application across multiple world locations.

  • If your project requires a significant amount of processing power AWS is no doubt the best choice.

  • One of the best features of AWS is it allows you to use familiar programming models, operating systems, databases and even architectures which makes it quite user friendly for the application development team.


  • If you have not done enough research in the cost structure and about that data access of AWS it will be very difficult for you to cope up.

  • If you have a startup and you are not tech savvy it is better not to use this.

  • As AWS is the latest cloud provider so it lacks experts and skilled professionals.

  •  Deployment of the application is a critical process where you need to deploy your application by yourself using recipes or manually.

Google Cloud: Cloud Computing Services 

Google Cloud was also developed by Google and is categorized into several platforms viz Google App Engine, Google Cloud storage, Google Cloud Datastore. The Google Cloud Platform provides enhanced services of databases, networking, storage, and computation. Using Google Cloud also gives an advantage of Google's infrastructure which provides secure and flexible services. As people trust Google for a long time so it could be a key factor for attracting people.


  • Google Cloud allows you to work from anywhere and provides you a server less environment with higher productivity.

  • One of the best things about Google Cloud is its flexibility; it gives you on demand services and is constantly including better UI, languages and OS.

  • Google service provides you the best security and its cloud is a perfect example of its unmatched security.

  • The changes that this platform makes are small and gradual which provides you enough time to cope with that.

  • Even after you stop using this your data is safe as very little or no data is retained on machines


  • Google Cloud doesn't have many data centers, globally and doesn't offer you as many services as AWS.

  • It consists of small parts but it is quite difficult for you to start the process

  • It is quite difficult for you to choose which is the best, especially in 2022 where every digital service has evolved so much and is so innovative. But we are here to guide you. 

Amazon Web Services is our winner as it enables us to deploy our services across the globe and our service is a global service. In fact, it also provides a broad and wide range of services which is very helpful for any kind of company. And these many services are well interconnected and give you a proper cloud solution. If you think about the cost AWS has a drawback but it is changing its pricing every year. 

Amazon has become one of the leading companies and also leading the market. So it will always tend to meet the people's demand. Even the speed of AWS is unmatched. So if you're looking for a wide, hassle free service which even runs all over the world then AWS is just for you. 


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